Speaking of Breathtaking Inanity...

...there's this, from CQ Politics:

History May See Lincoln-Like Greatness in George W. Bush

The specific points of "greatness" are
  1. He was commander in chief during 9/11 during which "he was decisive in his response and showed admirable leadership both at home and abroad"
  2. His administration has been forceful in trying to bring calm and dole out money to industries during the recent financial turmoil
  3. He got rid of Saddam Hussein
  4. He paved the way for democracy in Iraq
Forget Bush's "The Pet Goat" moment (or two...or fifteen), and his administration flailing around with bailout money, and that Saddam Hussein wasn't a threat, and that Iraq didn't quite welcome democracy raining down on them with open arms...forget all that and consider the burdens Bush has shouldered compared to Lincoln. "Lincoln-like greatness"? Pshaw...Lincoln didn't even serve two full terms.


Erica said...

Also like Lincoln, over half the country disapproved of various presidential actions! WOW.

(Well, if you count "many rebelling states" as part of the country.)

The skepTick said...

Seems like everyone was dying back then. Even the northerners, spurred on by Horace Greely and the loss of sons and husbands, were upset with Lincoln over the war. There are attempts at parallels between Bush and Lincoln over this (as seen in this particular article, for one), but ending slavery while ultimately keeping the country intact is a monumental achievement that Bush's personal war can never touch.