New Front Opens In the Creation/Evolution War

The next battle between teaching science and creationism in schools will likely take place in Oklahoma. John Lynch over at Stranger Fruit notes (via NCSE) that the first anti-evolution bill of 2009 will be from Oklahoma. This is another one of those "academic freedom" bills that the Discovery Institute likes to trumpet so much. Everything goes good with "freedom" spread on it, why not academics?

Unfortunately, the bill's sponsors want the freedom to push our kids back into the dark ages by allowing criticism of the theory of evolution without offering any credible alternative theories. Actually, it's worse than that. Evolutionists are their own worst critics - at least they were until the Discovery Institute came along - so I don't really have a problem with criticizing certain aspects of any theory. You just have to check the credentials of the critics to just it's validity. No, what these people really want is to build a door in the science classroom with these academic freedom bills. Then when everyone is comfortable with the door, they want to open it and let Jesus in.

In reaction, I signed up to receive updates from OESE (Oklahomans For Excellence In Science Education). Do the same, if you're so inclined. Let them know you're interested.

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