Superbowl Predictions for 2009

"Dr." Shane, the psychic, says Steelers over Cardinals and no MVP for Warner (although "he will be recognized by many people as such"):

Check the video here (their embed link doesn't work for me).

Geez...what's this guy a Doctor of because I definitely don't want his brand of treatment. He's certainly no dentist. Blech!

Sister Jean Kenny, with a 17-6 record in successfully predicting the outcome of past superbowls, also predicts Steelers over Cards with a 23-17 victory. The beautiful thing about Sister Kenny is that she doesn't claim to be a psychic.

On the other hand, valley psychic Ann Evans predicts the Cardinals will be victorious. Don't let the fact that she operates out of Arizona affect your opinion of her abilities. That's just a little ol' coinkydink.

Here's a superbowl prediction that's about as good as any psychic's:
Over at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, an orangutan named Dee Dee was presented two team jerseys and pondered the situation in the throes of befuddled indecision for a half-hour. That's when another orangutan grabbed the Arizona jersey and tossed it into the water. Not sure what that portends. A tie?

Let me interpret this one for you: the Steelers will be victorious, it will rain, and the Arizona team will be attacked by a troop of Orangutans.

From the California Psychic's 2009 Predictions:
The New York Giants will go to the Super Bowl - and win!

That should tell you a thing or two about California psychics...

This loopy spiritual psychic (video here) says the Steelers are overconfident and that the win with a score 38-20. Oh, yeah...she's also from Arizona. What's with these Arizona psychics and why does their aura seem to be Cardinal red?

Finally, a tarot card reader posed the questions to his fanciful deck:
Who has a Better chance at winning?– Pittsburgh Steelers – 6 of Wands
The 6 of wands has a keyword of “victory” and would fit well when trying to find who would win and be victorious. Clearly this is a sign that the Steelers will win.

Who has a Better chance at winning?– Arizona Cardinals – The Tower
The cardinals think they will win but there false ideas will fall apart and they will be shocked. They will lose.

Hoookay. The lesson here is that psychics are a dime a dozen (they just charge a helluva lot more than that), they each have their own techniques, and they all have differing answers. Unless these folks are applying professional sports analysis, they're doing nothing more than guessing. You might as well flip a coin and save yourself $50 rather than getting your Superbowl prediction from a psychic.

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