At the Hotel Rieger in Sandusky, OH, something paranormal is in the air...at least according to a group of paranormal investigators who call themselves In Nomine Paranormal Research (INPR).

How quaint.

They say their mission is to advance the knowledge of paranormal activity:
Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and scientific principles, they seek to produce positive quantifiable evidence of the existence of spirits, portals, paranormal energy, and the afterlife. (link)
During their recent visit to the Hotel Rieger, they experienced the unexplainable: orbs attacking their camera! Check out the video:

When Orb's Attack

Did you see what happened there?
Although Rob and Megan understand that most orbs are dust, insects, or moisture they are at a loss to explain the unusual characteristics of this particular orb.
My guess is they left they forgot to bring their "scientific principles" with them on this hunt.


TurboFool said...

That was entertaining. Being the jerk I am, I went ahead and commented about his punctuation, since that was about the most unusual thing I saw.

Anonymous said...

If you read their report at www.inparanormal.com, they did say that, while interesting, the event was by no means conclusive evidence of something paranormal.