Elizabeth Joyce Fumbles Her Election Prediction

Elizabeth Joyce says she was born with the authentic gift of psychic ability. She claims her readings are accurate and (no surprise) has a web page full of testimonials. Here's an example of her accuracy from a prediction she made back in Jan, 2008:
For sure…my psychic sense sees that a woman will occupy the White House as vice president as a result of the 2008 election, but not president. It’s just not Hillary’s time yet, as I have psychic stated for the past three years.
My psychic sense tells me that not only will a woman become the nation’s first Vice President at the 2008 election, but she will be sworn in as president when the male president is forced to step down due to serious health issues or worse. I have also psychically stated that we will have a one-term president in 2008.
We have to ask...did Joe Biden release ALL of his medical records, or is he holding back on us?

So, what about those testimonials then? Turns out, they're as accurate as Joyce:
When I saw the news item yesterday on the Internet about Hillary agreeing to accept the Vice Presidency, I thought of you. I remembered what you said, and everything is starting to fall into place just like you wrote. It looks like Obama will be President for a short time (just long enough to make a lot of mistakes & get people wishing Hillary was President), and then it will happen.
I'm tempted to say that Elizabeth Joyce is a fake psychic, but that would imply there are such things as real psychics. Perhaps shyster is a better word. Or fraud, charlatan, pettifogger, imposture. But I like shyster best. It's derived from the German scheisser, literally meaning defecator.


Sharon Wyeth said...

Let's look at this prediction again. Obama is elected, gets assassinated in his third year. Biden becomes President and appoints Hillary Clinton as his VP. Then Joyce's statement is true. Let us remember this conversation and see who is right, you or Joyce and myself. Just because you are unable to see the "rest of the story" doesn't make Joyce a fraud.

The skepTick said...

I see your scenario. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Yet, in the very next sentence, Joyce says:
"The male presidential candidate who runs with a woman vice presidential candidate on the ticket will win the election by a landslide."
So, how much of this is guesswork & speculation, and how much pure hokum?

shlang said...

Because if McCain would have run with Hillary, like I thought that he should have, he would have won by a landslide! Psychic energies are no always clear. You get little pieces of it at a time. Everyone has them to some degree and you don't always get a clear picture of how things will play out. Sometimes you get ideas that generally support your feeling of trouble and a host of ideas come to your mind as possibilities.

The skepTick said...

Everyone can in make predictions based on their knowledge of facts at the time and, yes, they imagine a whole host of ideas as possibilities. But that's not being psychic. That's being human.

Yet when a psychic's predictions fail, they say "psychic energies are not always clear". When their predictions come true, they say "Of course...I knew it ahead of time". Basically, they build their reputation on "Heads, I win; tails, I break even".

marmy said...

Elizabeth Joyce is very negative. I have met her personally and she tries to breed fear to control people. She may be psychic however I would never trust her guidance, it is not light filled in my experience.

Anonymous said...

i had a reading with her once she was mean and nasty to me the whole time. whether or not shes right on something ive never had an experience like her plus she tried to get me to agree to counseling sessions with her athati hadnt even scheduled and she was alread trying to run up my credit card

Anonymous said...

She scared me. Cursing during my reading and telling me things about other people. She is a crazy lady.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Joyce, is a fraud. She

sure tried to empty my pockets,

once I had a consultation with

her. She is a real Nasty lady

with the mouth of a truck driver.

She scamed me out of some money'

I sure hope she needed that money

more than me.

Anonymous said...

I've never met this woman Elizabeth Joyce, and I can tell you from reading her predictions, she is a fraud or a Shyster. Right away my gut says she is a wanna-be psychic,and not a real one. stay far far away from this Gypsy and save your money.

Joanna Convry Convry said...

I'm sorry I think it is wrong to judge as far as her predictions they are pretty much on no one is perfect ,I think mocking her is wrong she was mad at me already but I don't take it personal this woman is amazing person when you see her within the eyes of the heart willowearth and God bless

Joanna Convry Convry said...

Who is without sin cast the first stone and as far as her predictions she in my book Was 100 percent its very hard to hear spiritual messages but Joyce is pretty dam good at it so let this woman olone

Joanna Convry Convry said...

I was also lucky to meet this woman and my experience was of a loving woman who is fed up with the bullshit around her most people can't take her because they can't deal with the truth that Elizabeth is not afraid to speak she tells it how it is so get over yourselves and look into your heart

Anonymous said...


"I'm sorry I think it is wrong to judge as far as her predictions they are pretty much on no one is perfect". Ok, but look at what someone else said above:

'Yet when a psychic's predictions fail, they say "psychic energies are not always clear". When their predictions come true, they say "Of course...I knew it ahead of time". Basically, they build their reputation on "Heads, I win; tails, I break even".'

I think that comment is right on track regarding psychics.

Abigail said...

Crazy cunt

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely nuts. Cursing at me during sessions. Yelled when I opened my eyes. Told me I was weak and would never do all the things she told me to do. Then had the nerve to charge me for books I didn't order or want. She is not empathetic she is pathetic!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I found this site . Elizabeth Joyce was on just on Coast to Coast 8/6/17 . She was saying some outlandish predictions about North Korea , President Trumps failing health . Russia and her Government sources told her about what really happened on the moon mission . Thank You for keeping her past failed predictions up . I know see she loves to exaggerate and fear monger .