A Partly Successful Election Prediction

Jeffrey S. Palmer's election prediction for 2008 says
The Obama / McCain presidential race will be a very close one similar to Gore / Bush. Obama will win the presidential election by a narrow margin.

So he apparently got it half-right. Obama did win the election, but he did so by a landslide and not by a "narrow margin". However, on the same website, Palmer provides his 2008 election prediction that he made in November 2006. What were his keen senses telling him then?
I feel that there is a very strong likelihood of Rudolph Giuliani running for and subsequently winning the US presidential election in 2008. Giuliani will begin campaigning in early 2007. Senator John McCain may chosen as Vice President.
Hmmm...do you get the feeling that there's really nothing to psychic predictions other than guesswork?

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