Ugh...Another CNN "Hologram"

CNN is boasting with another so-called "hologram", this time with musician/producer Will.I.Am. Again, it's interesting, cool technology with a lot of potential, but it is NOT a hologram. CNN is latching on to a flashy word for marketing purposes, but in so doing, they're confusing the public as to what a hologram really is. The closest I can find to the technology being used is called Free Viewpoint Television. It's very similar to the Bullet Time effect used in The Matrix series of movies. However, while Bullet Time was used for slow motion action, FTV is process in real time.

The following, though not a true hologram, gives you an idea of what's involved in making a hologram. More info can be found here.

Holograms Drawn by Hand - video powered by Metacafe

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