More Psychic Failures

From January 1, 2008, Pernel Dove and Flash Silvermoon took a guess at who will become the next president of the United States. But since they have really really bad new-age names, they called it a prediction instead of a guess. As you can see, they are "psychics" who are also ignorant of future events.

According to Dove's annual predictions, Hilary Clinton will "without a doubt" be elected president.

The answers are in the former First Lady's energy and aura, Dove explained.

She exudes ambition, she said.

Silvermoon, astrologer and author of the Wise Woman's Tarot, agreed that America will inaugurate a woman president this year but based her prediction on a "drastic energy shift" caused by the former planet Pluto.

As Pluto switches signs from Capricorn to Sagittarius people will notice change on a personal and global scale, Silvermoon said.

She picked John McCain as the Republican candidate and predicted that write-in votes for Ron Paul will make the race especially close.

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