Elizabeth Joyce - Two Levels of Ignorance

What's sillier than a psychic who makes failed predictions? How about a Right Wing psychic that makes failed predictions. That's two levels of ignorance. One sure tell you're dealing with a nutcase is how long they rant for. When I posted about her failed presidential prediction earlier, I completely missed her posting of Oct. 26, 2008. She goes on an on about how McCain will still become president, writing with venom and hate. She predicts Obama might be assassinated (yeah...she's speaking as a psychic and her predictions are about what might come to pass. Ain't that called speculation?) Here's a sampling of her tripe:
Barack Obama is scheduled to win this election, after a very tough battle. If that occurs, he may never take office. He could be stopped in his tracks. Then Joe Biden would come into office with Hillary Clinton (possibly) coming in as Vice President.

If Barack wins and does not get assassinated, then within six months something will happen on a world wide scale (perhaps a nuclear exchange) that will bring America to her knees. We shall all weep at our great mistake and wonder why we ever voted for “the man who Oprah sponsored.” (No one will ever admit to voting for Obama when this all washes down!)
Then she speaks about McCain as if he's the one pure cowboy that will come to rescue us, standing in the saddle. Finally, she signs off with
This website has no political motivation whatsoever; it’s all and only about predictions and the sake of guiding and helping others: I predict at this stage that John McCain will be U.S. President by late 2008.
And she says Palin will be VP in 2009. You know what? I bet there are some crazies out there who believe this stuff. That's what I find to be really worrisome. We've already seen the brazenly certifiables at the McCain rallies. There's likely to be more than a few of them who feel they have their own personal mandate for change.


Erica said...

It's already late 2008. For McCain to succeed, Bush and Cheney would have to die and some extremely weird things would have to happen to put him in office.

People like that scare the pants off me.

Marie said...

Hi, what a coincidence I posted a very similar comment abut this same woman on my blog earlier today http://intuitveinsights-marie.blogspot.com

I labeled the post "A psychics warning about psychics" [this isn't something I'd usually do because no one is always accurate] but like you said--I found her site troublesome, and the Rush Limbaugh ad didn't help. She basically offered every possible scenario, then congradulated herself on accurately predicting Obama.

Come over and visit me if you get a chance sometime.


The skepTick said...


I stopped by to visit your blog. Very thoughtful. I can tell you're a news junky like me. Obviously I don't endorse psychic intuition, but I like your detailed posts on topical happenings. I couldn't leave any comments as you've restricted them to "Team Commenting", otherwise I would have said good job, good politicking.

Dave said...

Nice post. I came to the same conclusion (Right Wing psychic that makes failed predictions) after reading a few of Elizabeth Joyce's posts and predictions on her website. Have you been to her website lately? You should check it out, her dislike for Obama and democrats in general gets even more obvious. Take care.

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