Psychic John Le Sainte Full Of Le Crap

Dateline May 29, 2008. John Le Sainte, purported psychic, confirmed douche, claims to be the one true heir to the gifts of Nostradamus. As he says, "Each Night, Nostradamus Visits my Dreams and guides me into the future as he had done 5 centuries earlier." On May 29, Le Douche gave birth to this:
October, the Virgo Candidate falls Ill,
Cain is not Able, Artery cause is believed.
Populace Revolts exerts dangerous will,
Many will believe that they are Deceived.
Le DumDum's explanation/interpretation is
John McCain will take ill about 9 days before the elections are to be held. He had been running behind in the polls and not expected to win. The timing of John McCain's sudden illness could not have been worse. The True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus had shown me this vision about 16 months ago.

After campaigning night and day right until the upcoming Presidential Elections, John McCain will begin to seem especially tired and confused. It is only described as "Campaign Fatigue" to the press, until he collapses at a gathering on live television. He is rushed to the hospital and no "Official" word of his condition is given for over 24 hours. Rumors "leaked" to the press by McCain staffers, were that he had had a mild stroke and was recovering nicely. However, this will not be the case at all.
After this, Bush is supposed to have suspended elections, caused an uproar, mob violence, cats and dogs coexisting peacefully...

Sigh. All out of pathos. How about a cup of indifference?

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