Michele Bachmann Rewrites History

So you're cruising along to an easy reelection to the House of Representatives, when you suddenly crash into a wall. That's what happened with Michele Bachmann. Remember her? She's the one who said Barack Obama had anti-American tendencies, and that the media should investigate the Congress for any anti-Americans roaming the halls of the Capitol. This happened on TV. We have tape. We have it digitally recorded. It's on YouTube. It's even on my answering machine. Days later, as her competitor raised millions and closed the gap, she denied she ever made these statements. Flat out denied it. Then she said she was tricked into it. Then she said it didn't matter anyway because the people didn't care about the issue. Then she said that Obama wasn't anti-American...but his views were.

Say, I've always wondered how far you could swallow your own foot. Bear with me...because even though Bachmann barely squeaked by in her reelection, she's continuing to swallow.

After Obama won a landslide victory. Michele Bachmann suddenly thought it was prudent to court favor with the new majority, saying that she was "extremely grateful" to see an African-American (i.e. an American) in the White House. Don't be fooled - she still has her foot firmly planted down her gullet. Recently on Hannity and Colmes, when asked about her original comments that set off the firestorm, she claimed that it was all an urban legend.

Amazing how some GOPers are still walking around in a daze, muttering "center right, center right". Some, like Bachmann, apparently can't cope and have developed an alternate reality in their mind where, like Hannibal Lechter, they pace the halls, looking at pictures of Don Rumsfeld and replaying tapes of journalists embedded with the military. Ah...those were the good 'ol days. People were actually afraid of something.

Politically Connected Blogs has the story:
Bachmann’s appearance on the Fox TV show also represented a change in tone from her most recent remarks about Obama. On Nov. 6, two days after the election, Bachmann was quoted in Politico saying she was “extremely grateful that we have an African American who won this year.” Although she supported GOP hopeful John McCain in the presidential election, she told Politico that Obama’s victory was “a tremendous signal we sent.”

Those remarks were widely seen as an attempt to soften her pre-election criticism of Obama, including her remarks on Matthews’ show that the Illinois Democrat “may have anti-American views'’ and that reporters should investigate whether other Democrats may be “anti-America.'’

Reminded of those remarks by Colmes Tuesday night, Bachmann suggested, as she has before, that she was baited and trapped by the media, which created an “urban legend” about what she says she really said.

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