Psychic Nikki Flubs Election Prediction

Psychic Nikki, the self-proclaimed "Psychic to the Stars", predicted
As for the presidential election, Nikki said she sees John Edwards in the White House after Sen. Hillary Clinton drops out of the race due to health problems.
Wrong wrong wrong. Nikki must be one of the worst psychics in history. She makes tons of predictions, gets most of them wrong, yet she still has her followers and she still makes a living at being wrong. It boggles the mind.


Barry said...

It's funny that every piece of that prediction is wrong; maybe funnier is that whatever spirits fed her all that horrible information neglected to let her know anything about John Edwards' love life.

What a moron.

Just skimming that article, I noticed that EVERYTHING she predicted for 2008 was wrong.

What a moron.

The skepTick said...

Yeah...I caught that as well. I'll wait until the end of the year to do a post on her overall success. At her website, she did correctly predict that Paul Newman should watch his health. Perhaps she should have said he needs to really really really watch his health. Of course, she made the same exact prediction 2 years earlier.