Wendell, the Wallaby

Wendell the Wallaby has been missing from his owner's home for the past two weeks. The owner is very worried. But a psychic called to say that Wendell was doing just fine.
Saunders said she also got news from a psychic and a medium who called to say Wendell is in good health.
Flash forward a few hours later to see the latest news:
An intrepid wallaby that escaped from its pen at an exotic zoo and went on an 80-kilometer (50-mile) walkabout across eastern Canada was found dead on the side of a road Thursday, zookeepers said.
I guess the psychic meant to say that Wendell's spirit was in good health...the body was another matter.


Anonymous said...

Doing fine, cant tell where he's doing fine though...

The skepTick said...

Doing fine...up until he died.