Seances, Astrology...What's The Diff?

Barack Obama held his first post-election press conference yesterday. When asked about help he's received during the transition process, he noted that he'd received good advice from all living presidents. Then he said something a little odd: "I didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any seances."

It was supposed to be a little joke but it fell flat. For one, although seances have been held in the White House, it wasn't by Nancy Reagan. She consulted with astrologers. So, in one of the few public gaffes by Obama this year, he got the woo wrong. It was also disrespectful to Nancy Reagan and the difficult time she went through as her husband slowly faded away. Obama must have been feeling his oats that day and he eventually called to apologize to Mrs. Reagan.

Too late, the right wing found the one chink in his armor: Obama doesn't know his woo.

How did we ever elect a guy like that to the most powerful position in the world?

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