About That Dunkin Donuts - Rachel Ray Ad

So, what's the worst thing about this Dunkin Donuts ad with Rachel Ray?

No...it's not the paisley scarf which some morons call "jihadi chic". It's not even the fact that Dunkin Donuts is actually selling "Ice Latte Lites".

The biggest problem is Rachel Ray's head. It's huge. I mean, really really unnaturally huge. Even with her rapid rise to fame and fortune, I doubt that even her head could get this big. And, there's something going on with her left arm...I can't quite describe it. Maybe it's a foreshortening problem. And the cut and paste onto the background...that's so bad that it just has to be intentional.

I submitted this to the Photoshop Disasters blog (which will make you look at magazine covers in a whole new way). I wonder if my amateurish take on this is correct.

Dunkin Donuts was right to pull the ad, not because of perceptions from a few deranged individuals, but because it was a horrible looking ad.


The skepTick said...

I could be wrong about this one. The commercial that was part of the whole advertising campaign shows her in action. But this photo, taken from the commercial shoot, looks unnatural to me. Some point to point photo analysis would have to be done to actually prove photoshopping was done.

Eric Haas said...

The tree shadows show that the sun is off to the left and behind her, but she’s lit from the front.

The skepTick said...

Yeah, what I thought was a cut and paste is probably just her in front of a green screen.

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