UFO Caught On High Quality Digital Image

The actual headline from the story reads:

UFO captured on high quality digital images by reputable professional observers.

Awright! Finally. Some real, incontrovertible proof. Personally, I would have expected this a long time ago given the wide proliferation of digital cameras. You really don't need to have a high quality digital image, although that would be useful in later analysis. But what you do need is a clear, indisputable image of a UFO.

The news story is provided by Australia.to:
BRISBANE, Australia - UFO s are real. Here is the proof.

P___ V___* a pilot and Nigel Wakley with no reason to mislead, decided to visit a reputed UFO hotspot and came away with new images that prove that UFO s exist. What they are and who ( what ) is behind their presence has yet to be determined.
You can't get much clearer than that. Sit down and brace yourself. Click here to have your world rocked and see the high-quality proof that UFOs do indeed exist.

*Update Nov. 12, 2009 - Name withheld by request


Logic Lad said...

Well thats it, I'm off to buy my 'Welcome to our new Alien overlords' banner right now.

Rawley said...

Also with the proliferation of digital cameras...complete morons using them.

acj said...

Who would have thought aliens travel in dirt on lenses... more than just a little bit disappointing. I was SO looking forward to seeing an Imperial Star Destroyer.