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Recently seen on the James Randi Educational Foundation forums in the Welcome to New Members section:

Posted by: Perihelion Xanateris

I'm not a skeptic, I'm here because:

1. I think Randi is a nasty piece of work who uses the JREF M$C as a way to make innocent people trip over themselves for his own amusement by raising the evidence requirements to impossibly high levels.

2. As a Wiccan - and a psychic - I feel the need to defend against undue blanket accusations (eg. "all mediums/psychics/etc are frauds") by impossible skeptics who seem to take delight in labelling anyone who doesn't conform to strict "established scientific thinking" rules as "woo woo" or something equally harsh.

3. I'm tired of all the exclusivist atheists who don't seem to understand that their behaviour and words puts them in the exact same league as fundie Christians.

4. Same as #3, but for the impossible skeptics who put themselves in the same league as Intelligent Design advocates.

That said, I'm from Australia (Tamworth, NSW), and blessed be.
Prometheus replies
Welcome. Of course not all psychics are frauds; many are merely deluded. But then, you knew I was going to say that, didn't you? Please rest assured, I'll be pleased to admit I'm wrong the moment you post a verifiable shred of evidence that you are in fact psychic. Anyway, welcome. Have some cookies.
That got my day started!

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