Rev. Joseph Pagano Gets It

Regarding an update to the booklet Science, Evolution and Creationism published by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Reverend Pagano, the Rector of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Mt. Vernon Maryland, was recently quoted in the Baltimore Sun as saying
"It comes down to how certain people understand the nature and authority of the Scriptures," he said. "If one reads them in an extremely literalistic fashion, then one is going to have a problem with evolution. But of course that is not the only way to read them."
Yes! Exactly! The bible is filled with many contradictory stories that only make sense under certain brands of interpretation. However, if you take them literally, you must abandon some major cornerstones of science, including evolution and cosmology. Some so-called "creationist scientists" attempt to shoehorn the biblical flood, Adam and Eve, and a 6,000 year old earth (to name but a few) into the domain of science. But they look foolish doing so and start to sound tedious after awhile. However, if a literal interpretation of the bible is abandoned, then science and religion can coexist peacefully, even if they are on separate islands.

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