Kevin James Pwned on Hardball with Chris Matthews

Who is Kevin James? It doesn't really matter. What matters is that he has a 90 mph mouth that crashed big time on Hardball. You see, woo is the art of persuasion and, for the most part, anyone with a couple of neurons can see right through it when it has no basis in fact. Unfortunately, as the homeopathy consumers prove, there are people with less than a couple of neurons. Here's a case of vacuous political woo where James builds his argument around something he knows absolutely nothing about...and Chris Matthews calls him on it.

Edited 5/19/08 to change "Christ Matthews" to "Chris Matthews". Jesus, what was I smoking that night?


Vinny said...

There is a very revealing moment towards the end of the clip when James tries to pin responsibility for the 9/11 attacks on the Clinton administration. Air America’s Mark Green advises James that he should read Richard Clarke’s book and James retorts that Green should watch an ABC docu-drama. Is it any wonder that James is a “blank slate” when it comes to historical facts?

Steve Ballmer said...


The skepTick said...

I can't believe I originally titled this post "Kevin James Pwned on Hardball with Christ Matthews". I'm not THAT enamored with the guy!

Codswallop said...

First of all, Kevin James is a tool.

Got that? Good.

Now then, why the hell doesn't Matthews shut his pie hole for a second and let the guy answer a question? Never allowing a hostile guest an uninterrupted sentence is the mark of a bad interviewer. This is typical Matthews style--not so much a conversation as a filibuster.

The skepTick said...

Matthews was trying to keep the guest on the topic of answering his question. James never did...until he said "I don't know".