Gambling on Psychics? Bet on Skeptics!

Psychics and skeptics coming to Vegas

Today through Saturday, for example, professional future-predictor Sylvia Browne will be performing at Excalibur, with a top ticket price of $137.50. Even more expensive is the bring-out-your-dead clairvoyant entertainer, John Edward, who will be at the Flamingo at $175 for the top ticket.

In case you can't tell from my tone, I am very uncomfortable with entertainment that proclaims to predict the future or to offer communication to people's lost loved ones. This is religion or at least faith that is being packaged and sold as entertainment in Vegas. We have built a city for tourists' amusement, and the Strip should never be confused as a spiritual haven where wisdom is dispensed from its showroom stages.

Even if you believe John Edward is sincere, how is it righteous to charge people desperate for a message from those they have lost in life $175 for a ticket? This does not, by the way, even guarantee that he will call on you in the audience.

You'd be better off gambling your money away than giving it to these predators. On the other hand, you can forgo this circus of charlatans for a smörgåsbord of substance:
Anyway, by one of those coincidences that inspires faith, the James Randi Educational Foundation will be following John Edward to the Flamingo next month when Randi holds his annual skeptics convention to support his foundation.

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