The Coming of the Messiah

Every 2000 years or so, God reveals himself to someone who then claims to be the Messiah and starts causing all kinds of trouble. In one case, it was pissing off the money makers. Today, it's sex offenses with minors. God only knows what it will be in the year 4000...maybe firebombing nanobot factories on Titan. But let's deal with today. Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) has been arrested in New Mexico for three counts of sexual contact with a minor and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The way morals are slipping today, do minors even need any help in their quest for delinquency?

By way of Pharyngula and according to a CNN post,

Bent has acknowledged having sex with his followers, but authorities will not divulge who the alleged victims are.

A former member of the Lord Our Righteousness Church, however, told CNN affiliate KOAT that he left because Bent wanted to sleep with his daughters.

John Sayer said he split with the church after 16 years when Bent told him he was supposed to sleep with seven virgins -- and that two of them were to be Sayer's daughters, then 14 and 15 years old. He said he told Bent that it wasn't right and that he, his wife and his daughters left the compound.

Sounds like somebody has been slipping Viagra into the Holy Water.

The Lord Our Righteousness Church is to be featured Wednesday on a National Geographic Channel program, "Inside the Cult." In a video clip of the show posted on the channel's Web site, Bent and some young female followers admit that the young women lay with him while naked but deny sex took place.

"It was God," Bent said in the video clip. "God came down on them and told them to do it."

A posting from a teenage girl on the compound Web site denied that she was molested, saying that her "lying with" Bent was not sexual. She was one of the three later removed.

What the hell is going on with religion these days? First it's Catholic priests and altar boys, then it's interbreeding Mormons, and now this? And religion is supposed to be the seat of Morality? Here's where John Stossel comes in and screams "Give me a f---ing break!".

The Strong City Cult website, founded by Bent, has been really creepy lately. For one, there's this:

The old Messiah by Photoshop technique, eh? Must be the next best thing to walking on water. But, to show that they've learned no lessons from 2000 years ago into how to get an effective religion going, they say in a recent post following Bent's arrest:
The earth has much reason for fear now. The coming events will not be pleasant ones for those who have unjustly charged the Son of God. Now they will find out just Who it is that they have handcuffed and locked away. Now the Father’s wrath will be poured out without measure upon those who are abusing His Son and treating Him as one like unto themselves. Their judgments will come so swiftly that they will not have time to take a breath between them. They will soon see just Who it is that lives within the body of the one they are molesting. Every eye shall see the Son of Man, and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he has committed no crime. All the tribes of the earth will mourn when they see the sight, for it means the utter desolation of the world they have loved. They will also know, without the slightest doubt, that they have brought this horrific destruction upon their own heads.
I don't know about all that, but I hear that New Mexico passed a crucifixion resolution. Probably just coincidence. But in case there's any doubt about what will happen next, they spell it out for us:
The Bible says that “they which pierced him” will see him coming in the clouds of heaven...

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