Nailing Judi Hoffman

Blame my ignorance of horse racing for the soft post on purported psychic, the cat-collar-wearing Judi Hoffman. I just ran across this blog that really nails Judi.
Leaving aside the fact that Big Brown was a heavy favorite and Eight Belles (who was put down on the track after the race) was widely seen as the most likely to give Big Brown a run, take a look at the scan a little closer.

Why exactly would a psychic have to make TWO trifecta bets (and two other parlay bets) to produce a single win? Don't you think her publicist might have explained that sending a ALL the betting slips might not be such a good idea?

All psychics are frauds, but some are just really stupid frauds.

Meow, biatch.

(Update April 09, 2009:)
My take on Judi capitalizing on her cancer here.


Susan said...

Judi Hoffman is human, which means there's room for error. But she's got one of the most illustrious client bases in the world, including politicians, wizard financiers, and actors. She's also eerily accurate. I saw her for a reading, as a jaded journalist. Ninety percent came true included the street where I lived, book editor's initials, and more. No idea what that means, but she has a talent of prediction. Horse or no horse, she's psychic. She also doesn't need any cats to help her, but a few folks who enjoy reality television ask that she adds some feline cache for fun.

The skepTick said...

Thanks Susan. I appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

Judi has a lot of talent. Back in Pittsburgh, Judi....well, let's just say that she had talent then, and I'm sure it's now more blossomed than ever. :-)