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In a U.K. TimeOnline article, Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor explains why Britain cannot become a God-free zone. Although the article is interesting, especially as it relates to Richard Dawkins (has he been knighted yet?), I found something particularly amusing in the comments section. See if you can spot the stupid comment that has nothing to do with the article or the other commenters' points of view:

What's so wrong with a God free zone? I've been God free for a number of years now and, having experienced both camps, I'm far more happier without a God. The BHA guy is right, why should religious groups get special rights? And Jonathan Anthony is spot on regarding the translation.

Paul, Portsmouth, England

It is time for secularism, not religion, to take a stand. Religious belief is a purely personal choice - it should be tolerated, accepted, even cherished, in whatever flavour it comes. But the increasingly small religious minority want a voice greater than their numbers deserve. We must say NO.

Steve, Altrincham,

To whoever it may concern :-
Believe what you like; Do not try to make me live by your beliefs.
I see no reason whatsoever that I should allow or accept the sufferings of others, because your gods "Move in mysterious way".
I do not have nor do I want that sort of faith.

Peter Bolt, Redditch, UK

People who do not believe in a God but sit in front of their T.V. or in a movie theater for hours an hours on end, should think twice before laughing at people who waste their time praying.

Brad, Pittsburgh, USA

As a Roman Catholic I affirm that it is the Cardinal and the other bishops who have let down the Catholics in Britain by their support for lefty politics instead of the hard truths of Christianity. Whom did the Cardinal invite to give the first lecture in this series four weeks ago? Tony Blair.

George, Bolton, England

Translation: Please believe in God so my life hasn't been a total waste of time!

jonathan anthony, london,

Andrew Copson of the BHA is absolutely correct. All secularists want is an end to religious privilege, but the RC church want their voice heard above others - not because of the force of their argument, but simply because they are religious. This cannot be so in a democratic society.

Alan Henness, Glasgow,

When asked if he believed in God, Carl Jung said no, he didn't believe in God He KNEW God existed! Perhaps a God not limited by words or belief but a transcendental power. Eckhart Tolle says the same. Read his book 'The Power of Now', after his experience in Cambridge. A 'realised soul'?

Chris, London,

"In Britain today there is considerable spiritual homelessness

Spot on..and since the Liberal 60s the Established Church has failed to meet this.Congratulations and good to see a Christian stand up and be counted

John, Durham, UK

The fact that many intelligent people in this country choose not to believe in the supernatural, or take part in superstitious rituals, is something to be applauded. As religious superstition has, throughout the ages, been a major contrubuting factor to most wars I fail to see any "common good."

Neil, Gloucestershire, England

DING DING DING...and the winner is BRAD from Pittsburgh! Congratulations, Brad, you've won a lifetime supply of Body of Christ wafers and a bottomless jug of Sangria de Cristo. Thanks for representing America with your holier than thou B.S. You can now get back to your regularly scheduled program of stoning non-virgins.

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