Even a Psychic Can Win the Lottery

Cat-collar wearing psychic Judi Hoffman predicted that Elliot Spitzer would not finish his term as NY governor. And she predicted the Kentucky Derby trifecta...and got it right! Judi Hoffman is a psychic to reckon with, there's no doubt. She actually puts her money where her mouth is. In fact, she placed a $6 bet on the trifecta and won $1,619! To back up her claims of paranormal abilities, she produced the Off Track Betting tickets for everyone to examine.

The world needs many more Judi Hoffman type psychics...you know, the ones who are willing to risk everything for their craft, and then produce proof of their claims.

So, how did she do at the Preakness? Despite wearing the cat-collar of her equally psychic feline (askepticksaysWHA??), her trifecta box was a little less accurate.
If she had to pick one bet to highlight, she said, it would be her trifecta box of Racecar Rhapsody (6), Big Brown (7), and Kentucky Bear (8). She saw those numbers in her dream.
Actual results were Big Brown, Macho Again, and Ichabod Crane.

There is no word yet whether or not NY State will allow Judi Judi Judi to continue to play the lottery, although I'm sure they are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief after her latest stumble.

P.S. The extent of my knowledge on horse racing is limited to "trifecta" = "3 fectas". Thanks Latin class!

(Update April 09, 2009:)
My take on Judi capitalizing on her cancer here.

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