The Grolar Bear - At the Intersection of Two Science Controversies

The Intelligent Design crowd doesn't believe in evolution and the Global Warming Deniers don't believe in Global Warming. But as the Earth continues to warm and Polar Bears find themselves relentlessly pushed out of their natural habitat, they sometimes encounter Grizzly Bears...and sometimes the two party down and you end up with a hybrid - the Grolar Bear (which I predict will be much more fashionable than the Prizzly Bear). So, natural selection is again at work by placing environmental pressures on a species. Mother nature is telling the bears to adapt or die.

There are those who will tell you that this is just a case of the Polar Bear returning to its Brown Bear roots, and that evolution is working in reverse. I'm not sure if there has yet been a case where evolution has been seen working in reverse, and the Grolar Bear is certainly not going to be the first. The Grizzly and Polar Bears are at two ends of separate branches with the Brown Bear common to both. You can't combine the two branches and get the original stem back.

And for the ID crowd who believes that Intelligent Design is behind all life, I'm sure they'll spin this as the Designer working through Man to engineer a new climate to design a new bear. Hmm. Seems like a screwed up way to design a new animal.

For more info, see the most excellent post at Climate Progress.

Oh and for the record, I'm still trying to figure out if this isn't some belated April Fool's joke. It's almost as nutty as flying penguins!

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