A Cute "Disproof" of Evolution

Recall the wildlife videos of the newborn fawn struggling to stand up only to fall back down? Or have you seen floppy-eared puppies tripping over their feet as they race for a ball? Baby animals are cute and it's endearing to see them work so hard to regain their awkward balance. Well the human mind can be like that too at any stage of it's development. Take a look at the following video that "disproves" evolution and you can feel for the little thoughts as they struggle to their feet. It makes you want to hug the floppy-eared brain and say, "You're so cute, aren't you? Yes you are, oh yes you are," give it a doggy treat and a nice belly rub.

Awwwww. One day this mind could grow up to be a world class champion. But for now, le'ts watch it at play...and try to keep it from piddling on the carpet.

(First seen here: Dr. Zach)


Laurel said...

[sigh] Please be a Poe.

The skepTick said...

I don't know what that means. This? Or this?

The skepTick said...

OK...I figured out what you meant. My post was definitely not something written by a Poe. Snarky, yes. But I don't think you can confuse it with support for the ID crowd.

Craig said...

HAHA... there are animals in the water, they are called microbes