UFO? How About UFF - Unidentified Flying Female!

I don't know if Sally Field has been down south recently, but if not, somebody's got some esplainin' to do, because recently a UFO was spotted over Mexican skies and it came in the form of . . . a woman. From the Javno Lifestyle section,

The sensational reports of a womanlike UFO in the sky over Mexico could be original, said an expert of paranormal.

A mysterious figure of a woman was captured by a camera while flying around over some mountains near the Mexican village of Nuevo Leon. UFO hunters stated that the object was wearing a cape, and that it could have been a wizard or a witch who were first seen in 2006.

Supergirl? Maybe Wonder Woman is giving us movie teasers to start building some buzz?
They say some 40 people witnessed the phenomenon. Whatever the real cause of this was, it makes me wonder what cultural folklore results in flying women. Is the idea of a flying witch still alive in Mexico? Can someone tell them that's sooo 19th century. Now if they had seen a Flying Spaghetti Monster...well there's something you can believe in!

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