OMFG - Will The Stupidity Never End???

Uhhh...yeah, it's real...$2.5 million worth of inanity. How many starving kids is that?

It's purpose is to bring America back to God. This church says:
Neither God nor our Founding Fathers intended for Christianity and its practices to be separated from schools or public life. As a result of our laws removing Christian practices from our educational institutions, our schools are reaping the negative consequences. Lady Liberation is onlya a strategy that affords us the opportunity to call forth righteous foundations in our nation.
I guess they didn't get the memo.


Erica said...

Rather creepy for Lady Liberty to hold a torture instrument aloft, given recent scandals!

Rawley said...

I don't know why churches think america isn't god oriented. They always think they're a minority and are attacked left and right.

The skepTick said...

Astute observation. Why do churches portray themselves as David in David & Goliath? They're always complaining about separation from the government (no prayer in schools, no 10 commandments on display in courtrooms, etc.) - but the last thing they want is state sponsored religion.

rawley said...

I just now noticed she was holding the ten commandments too. Uhg.