House of Yahweh or House of Sin?

So what is it with religious cults and sex? Just a few days ago I posted about the sordid tale of the Lord Our Righteousness Church whose aging leader likes to lie down naked with 7 girls. And we have all heard by now of the rampant polygamy and marriage with underage girls at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now we have the latest story of the House of Yahweh - you know, House of God.

Although members deny they practice polygamy, former members say Yisrayl Hawkins has at least two dozen wives — and state records show he fathered two babies last year with women ages 19 and 22.

Yisrayl Hawkins, who has pleaded not guilty in his criminal case, told The Associated Press that he and his church are misunderstood and persecuted because of their religious beliefs.

"We have nothing to hide," said the bearded, white-haired Hawkins, who declined to address specific allegations against him and his sect.

Hawkins is 73 years old. And he's getting it on with a 19 year old and has two dozen wives? I'm definitely in the wrong line of work. How charismatic can the guy be?

Following in the footsteps of the Lord Our Righteousness Church, the House of Yahweh's website is chock full of claims of persecution, proof positive that their leader is the Messiah.
II Timothy 3:12— Yes, and all who will live Righteously, as Yahshua Messiah, will suffer persecution. What The House of Yahweh teaches and what our enemies say we teach are two different things. Our enemies know better than what they actually say, but they are experts in lying and that’s what they are doing when they persecute Yahweh’s Last Days Work. They lie and they use propaganda to cause hatred against Yahweh’s People.
Fearing that the House might also follow in the footsteps of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, there has been concern of mass suicides.

"No, we're not getting ready to kill ourselves," said the prophet of the House of Yahweh, a barbed wire kingdom of brimstone prophecies and abject poverty 15 miles southeast of Abilene.

"We're getting ready to live through the greatest tribulation that ever will be."(ref)

The absolute strangeness of this cult comes through in many different forms. Having to disinfect your hands and feet before entering the church is nutty, but then so are practices from many mainstream religions. A member of the church anonymously outed some of their other practices:
Women, the member said, are required to call their husbands their "heads" and to wear latex gloves and a veil during and immediately after menstruation. Dress codes are strictly enforced. A "breeding program" shields select girls and boys from the world to become future priests and priestesses of the church, the member said. And the congregation is asked to pray for nuclear war to fulfill the prophecies espoused by Yisrayl Hawkins.
And then there's the nuclear baby. I kid you not.
In 2006, Mr. Hawkins forecast that a "nuclear baby" would be unleashed on the world, bringing nuclear war to the Middle East on Sept. 12 of that year. After doomsday failed to materialize, the prophet said the 2006 date was the day of conception and that the metaphorical baby – depicted as a horror-movie-evil infant holding a baby bottle and missile – would be born in 2007. That too failed to come to pass.
Note to the next Messiah - make predictions for at least 20 years into the future. That way you'll have 20 years before you prove yourself to be an ass. So, what's up with the Nuclear Baby now? According to the House,

Yahweh is holding back the nuclear wars now. This is shown in Revelation Chapter 7 and other Prophecies. He is holding back the nuclear baby that will destroy a third part of man over a fourth part of the earth until He has sealed a certain number of people who will repent of sin and convert to keeping the Laws of Righteousness, Inspired to be written by the Holy Prophets of Yahweh. You need our book, Birth Of The Nuclear Baby, for full details of these wars that have already started in and around the great River Euphrates.

Only the nuclear part of these wars are being held back by Yahweh at this time. They will not be held back long. They will start by killing a third part of man over a fourth part of the earth in and around the great River Euphrates. Think about this. How did He know the troubles, in this time period, would be in that fourth part of the earth?

I'm convinced. Glad I sold my house on the Euphrates before the market really really tanks.

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