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Creationists launch 'science' journal
On 9 January, Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry run by evangelical Ken Ham, launched Answers Research Journal (ARJ ), a free, online publication devoted to research on “recent Creation and the global Flood within a biblical framework”. Papers will be peer reviewed by those who “support the positions taken by the journal”, according to editor-in-chief Andrew Snelling, a geologist based in Brisbane, Australia.
What a disappointment! These so-called "peer reviewed journals" get bogged down by always being too sciency for my taste. The "Answers Research Journal (ARJ)" is not only too sciency. It's also too bibley! Between all the formulas and the "thou shalls", there's nothing intelligible to be found within its pages. And they don't provide any answers! They address, for example, when bacteria was created in the beginning. They suggest it happened on day 3, when all the plants were created, but then offer other reasons why this may not be so. So...when was it then, hmmm Mr. Answers? Or maybe I should AskJeeves?

But it has one thing going for it: it's FREE. All you other journals better take note of this one key feature, or you'll find yourselves printing on holy parchment in a few decades.

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