Animals have abilities, not psychic powers
"Are some pets psychic? I doubt it, in spite of many anecdotal stories, "pet psychics" on television and even incidences I have witnessed, which may seem inconceivable otherwise."
Thus begins a column in the Illinois Herald & Review. Don't these people have anything better to do? Here, "Dr. Larry Baker" (if that really is his name) relates a story about Midnight, a black cat, escaping her owner's car and finding her way to the owner's friends house miles away.
How did Midnight travel across town and find the home of her owner's friend at the precise time that her owner was visiting? We'll probably never know. It could have been an amazing coincidence, if you believe in those, too. Perhaps Midnight had found a secret hiding place in the car and had traveled there along with her owner, then jumped out the window once her owner paid the visit to her friend.
Yeah...likely story. And monkeys are flying out of my ass right now! Did the good Doctor not realize he was dealing with a black cat named Midnight? For crissakes! Talk about alignment of the stars! Sounds like the good doctor is seriously in need of getting in touch with his inner Woo.

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