Oh How the Heart Bleeds...

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro: Are You Sure You Want to Be Psychic?
I've worked as a psychic for over thirty years and it means more to me each day, but would you really want to have this gift if you actually knew what it was like?"
After I took Randi's million dollars, won the power ball lottery, and got banned from every casino - then I might pause to consider if I really wanted this power.
First off, people expect free, on the spot readings no matter where you are or what you're doing. I'm lying on the examining table in a paper robe at the gynecologist's office, my feet in stirrups. The doctor inserts the specula, sits down on his little stool for a good look, and asks, "So, what do you see for me?"
And the problem is...what? Have you ever considered that what you see for the doctor may be just a teensy more pleasant than what the doctor is seeing for you? Life is a two-way street, lady. It's not always about you and your superpowers.

By the way, Eddie Vedder called. He wants his brooding angst back.

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