Uri Geller's Birthday Gift to Himself

Spoons may seem like an odd birthday gift to yourself, unless you're Uri Geller. Geller, a Grandmaster of Woo, became famous for using his talents to bend spoons. Now, the famous London Savoy hotel held an auction and Geller treated himself to their spoons. The three lots of 50 spoons each, worth a total estimated value of approximately $450, were purchased for about $2000 by Geller, according to the Bloomberg article.
``I'm 61 today. That's why I'm treating myself,'' said Geller, who bent and signed a number of other spoons for admirers during the evening. ``Look after this. They fetch three thousand pounds on EBay,'' he said to a Bonhams staff member as a freshly bent spoon continued to curl in the palm of his hand.
I have always been impressed by Geller's ability to bend metal with just his mind and his hands, and I'm particularly pleased that he passed this gift on to so many others who regularly do it for the YouTube audience. It is unfortunate that this hasn't led to world peace, but as long as Geller is with us, there will always be hope.


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