Uhhh...so, this is depressing

Lonely People More Likely to Believe in Supernatural
When people feel lonely, they may try to rekindle old friendships, seek out new ones or, as Epley's study suggests, they may create social connections by anthropomorphizing nearby gadgets, such as computers or cars, pets, or by believing in supernatural events or religious figures.
It's not true! Sure I'm socially connected to my computer and car. Isn't everybody? The radio sings to me. The internet talks to me. God watches over me. And I'm always ready for the day the aliens visit me. Hell - no one else will talk to me, other than the nice ladies on QVC. And only the Jehovah witnesses visit me. Does that me I'm lonely? Huh? Does it? Hey! I'm talking to you! Wh-what? Don't give me that attitude. I'll CTRL-ALT-DEL your ass right now!

OK. I'm sorry. I apologize. I didn't mean to fly off the handle. Look...why don't you go into hibernate mode for a few hours, mmkay? Dream your little digital dreams. Tomorrow will be a new day.


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Shirley said...

Thanks for the laugh. I thought your post was cute! By the way, I'm just passing through. Nice blog though.