Wagih Samweil - WTF???

Victorian psychic of the year's predictions
Australia's favorite psychic has made several testable predictions for 2008. He says Kylie Minogue will finally meet Mr. Right, whose name will begin with a J or R. And he also laid his reputation on the line with further predictions about Lleyton Hewitt, Roger Federer, Justine Henin, Serena Williams, and several more. He also tells us that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. But most daring of all:
He says Nicole Kidman is having a girl, but it won't be confirmed until after the birth.
Even I'm at a loss for words. What did he just say?

Wagih...your Woo may be strong, but it's also a little goofy.


Anonymous said...

What he obviously means is that Nicole and her family will know the sex of the child she is having before it is born, but they will not be revealing it to the world until after the birth. Nothing goofy about that.

Anonymous said...

His guy earlier this year also confidently predicted no Oscars for Cate Blanchett, but that "No Country For Old Men" would win Best Picture and Best Director. He also said Lleyton Hewitt would make it to the 4th round of the Australian Open. That's all spot on. So far anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, she had her girl.... and the world didn't know until after the birth

The skepTick said...

President-to-be Hillary Clinton sends her congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hey skepTick

There been no inauguration yet and Hillary hasn't retired from politics.

She's just been named Secretary of State.

Don't count your skeptical chickens just yet.