Feed the Woo

With all the criticisms and negative energy surrounding her these days, I think Sylvia Browne has been slipping a bit. Even she deserves a softball lobbed at her every now and then. Fortunately for her, distraught mother Janice Thomas, who has been having paranormal experiences ever since the tragic loss of her son, was willing to appear on Montel's show recently to help revive Sylvia's woo. It's nice when the woo just writes itself.
Possible messages from the beyond?
"When Frank died in a car accident, his mother, Janice, started to experience strange phenomena around her house," the news release from the show said. "His (Frank's) sister Tamara says she feels it and even saw teardrops from his headstone. They need to know if Frank is contacting them from beyond," the release said.
Thomas said her life has changed since the death of her son.

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