The Woo Around Heath Ledger

After someone of notoriety crosses over, all kinds of people come out claiming this or that about the person. However, it is uncommon for psychics and mediums to join, as they prefer to stay above the fray. However, with the passing of Heath Ledger, I think we can grant Dame Darcy a little license here, to come forward and tell us what he was really like, so that we can hear from the person that probably knew him best, rather than from the evil paparazzi. I don't know if Dame Darcy knew what the ultimate outcome might be for Heath, but I do get a sense of foreboding. Her last words in this article are particularly poignant.
Heath Ledger Psychic Speaks Out on Life Death, Drug Overdose Reports "He really didn’t care about awards or his fame. I could also see in his palm that there were many lives attached to his own life. These people were attached to Heath financially—they depended on him for money. I’m really sorry to hear about his death—he was one of a very few genuine artists that I met in Hollywood. He was also a really nice guy."

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