Only Real Woo Need Apply

Psychic fraud must pay £926
A fraudster who tricked small businesses out of nearly £74,000 by pretending to be a celebrity medium and psychic has been ordered to pay compensation of just £926.
This really gets my goat, entrails and all. It's tough enough trying to be a credible source of portentious ponderings without having people like this a-hole giving psychics a bad name. But what's really stunning is how anyone could have fallen so easily for this brand of faux-woo. How hard would it have been for the aforementioned small businesses to test this huckster's abilities? They should have at least checked his testimonials. For chrissakes, who doesn't check testimonials these days?

BTW, this article's headline must have been penned by a sot. It should be "Fraudulent psychic", not "Psychic fraud". Play it safe, people. Check the quality of the Woo before drinking the Kool-Aid.

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