Will the Packers Win This Sunday?

To answer this, we could check with professional sports analysts, the man on the street, the bookies, or a psychic. Hmmm...to Woo or not to Woo? I know - let's Woo!

In the article New Jersey Psychic: Packers Victory Sunday by Milwaukee's TMJ4 news, Stephanie, a New Jersey psychic, has predicted that the Packers will win on Sunday in a low scoring game.
David Marcus: “What do you see when you see this picture of Brett Favre?”
“A very strong player,” Stephanie said.
David Marcus: “What do you see in his immediate future a few days from now?”
“He's not thinking he is going to win or lose,” Stephanie said.
David Marcus: “What about the Giants. Do they have a positive aura?”
“There is one player that is going into this battle not so confident,” Stephanie said.
“Is this the man?” David Marcus asks, pointing to a picture of Eli Manning.
“Yes, this is the man,” Stephanie said.

Good luck, Stephanie. I predict business will change dramatically for you after Sunday. One way or another.

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