Expanding the Woobase

I need your help with a little experiment. I want you to think of something, anything at all. And don’t tell me what it is. I’ll wait until you’re done.

OK…now fix it in your mind. Visualize it. Focus on it. Concentrate.



Next I’m going to ask you a question about whatever it is you’re thinking about. Most of the time this works, but not always, so don’t lose the faith if I mess up.

OK, ready? Still thinking about it? Here's the question:

Does it fly?

For most people, the answer is no, and the reason is simple. Of all the things that are available for you to chose from, the vast majority of them do not fly. Off the top of my head, I can think of birds, planes, insects, bats, and Superman. By no means is this an exhaustive list, but the point is that the number of things that fly compared to the things that don’t is relatively insignificant.

If you accept this rather reasonable argument, then let’s ask the obvious question: why do UFO investigators unnecessarily restrict themselves to UFOs? Why don’t they expand their horizon and go after UO’s? Maybe it’s just me, but I think a UO hunter would be rolling in the fodder. Sure, every once in awhile, something interesting pops up on the UFOlogist’s radar screen. In fact, as ABC News reports, more than 30 people witnessed a UFO near Stephenville, TX yesterday. Some quotes:

"It was very intense, bright lights," said local newspaper reporter Angela Joyner.


"The lights were like going like this," said Constable Leroy Gateman…


"It's crazy," said one teenage girl in town.


i have never seen anything like that before in my 61 yrs of life, but to say it s not so?? if i did something like that i guess it could make one shake there head and rub ones eyes, and if i did see such a thing then i would not back down and the hell with all of you!!

(this last one came from the comments section)

That’s some compelling stuff. But truth be told, occurrences like these come along only very rarely. In fact, MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) says that “well over 90% of UFOs prove to be IFOs – Identified Flying Objects – upon investigation” (Ref). The upshot of all of this is that the quality pickin’s are slim.

Frankly, I think MUFON should remove one letter from their mission statement and change their name. The new mission statement becomes:

The study of UOs for the benefit of humanity.

MUFON becomes MUON, which has the virtue of sounding sciency, like NEUTRON, only without the hard edge. Besides, MUON sounds way more Woo-cool than MUFON and after all, it is all about image. “MUFON” disagrees with me because it sounds too much like “mofo”, doesn’t it? Or “mofon”. Whatever.

What’s more, MUFON already has the infrastructure in place to make the reporting of UOs easy. They would just need to make minor tweaks to their database so that you can categorize a report of an Unidentified Object as, say, subterranean, floating, urban, walking, road bound, etc. For example, I took a typical sighting report and changed only ONE word. Apply a “Rural Unidentified Object” label, assign it a case number, and start investigating!

I was taking a picture of the moon tractor and when I check up the picture in my computer I zoomed this object.I never saw anything untill I put it in my computer i woul like to know what could be this object.Here is the picture you have to zoom it so you can see it.
I have since them a lot of picture that I've been taking some of them very weird if. I want some body to analize it let me know if you can do it

So MUFON? What are you waiting for? Expand your subscriber base and let’s get to identifying!

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