Yogurt: The Pros and Cons

I don't know what search term you used to bring you to this particular entry. It ain't what you think...and if it is...well then it sure would be interesting to live with your brain for a day!
Alternative Treatment For Genital Problems
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

This mild, noninflammatory condition is thought to be linked to a high pH level (low acid balance) in the vagina. It causes symptoms that include a gray-white discharge with a strong, fishy smell.


Naturopathy Dip a tampon in live, natural yogurt and leave in the vagina for an hour.
Is this effective? Moreover, is it LEGAL? And if it is, then is there anyone out there needing assistance with this procedure? And if there is, does it have to be a tampon or can you just dip any old thing in yogurt and...well, you know.

For an hour.

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