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Researcher criticizes alternative medicine
"Just about everyone I've ever talked to about the subject believes in one or two alternative therapies and are sure they work," he said. "The question is - and it's a big question - what if all these people were wrong? What could explain that?"
Sigh. Lord give me strength. So, his question is "What could explain that?" if "all these people were wrong". How can one even begin to answer this? One doesn't explain how something is wrong. You explain how something is right! And since just about everyone he's talked to believes in alternative therapies, they can't all be wrong, so they must be right. Now then, Professor Isuckatmyjob (if that really is your name), the question should be...no...MUST be "What could explain that?!"

Apparently, not you. So, go on with your bad self, and hide in the college of nursing with all your nursy nurses. And take a lesson: NO ONE knows how it works. How can anyone ever know such a thing?

(aside - I just reread my post and I agee with you, it sucks. I just couldn't find the right angle here. Oh well, what can you do?)

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