The 4.5 Billion Year Old UFO

Recently, a 4.5 billion year old UFO was spotted in Wales. The transcript of the alerting call follows:
Control: "South Wales Police, what's your emergency?"

Caller: "It's not really. I just need to inform you that across the mountain there's a bright stationary object."

Control: "Right."

Caller: "If you've got a couple of minutes perhaps you could find out what it is? It's been there at least half an hour and it's still there."

Control: "It's been there for half an hour. Right. Is it actually on the mountain or in the sky?"

Caller: "It's in the air."

Control: "I will send someone up there now to check it out."

Caller: "OK."

Police investigated and discovered the mysterious, lingering floating object was our very own Moon.

Somewhere near one of the extremities of the Gaussian curve of human psyche is a spot reserved especially for people who easily confuse the moon for an unidentified flying object. We have no idea what this person was thinking, but this story just goes to show that there are people with people brains who stop thinking critically if they think at all. If the moon can be taken for a UFO, why not an assemblage of amino acids as the handiwork of some alien intelligence (ala Discovery Institute's belief in intelligent design)?
After the police patrol car arrives, the script reveals the exchange between the control room and the police officer sent to the scene.

Control: "Alpha Zulu 20, this object in the sky, did anyone have a look at it?"

Officer: "Yes, it's the moon. Over."
This is where the Skipper hits Gilligan with his hat.

(BTW, Gilligan's Island can be seen for free here)

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