Sylvia Browne's Incredible Work Ethic

Sylvia Browne is currently on her farewell tour, and it feels like she's been farewelling us for almost two years now. Canada's dishrag, The Star Phoenix, has just published a gushing article about Sylvia, focusing on here tireless work ethic.

Sylvia Browne wants a psychic reading, but for a woman who estimates she has given millions of them to clients around the world, getting one isn't so easy.

"I'd love to get a reading, are you kidding? Of course I would, but I've never been able to," laments Browne in a recent telephone interview from San Jose, Calif.

With this incredible outpouring of psychic energy, you would think Sylvia would be trim and svelte...but maybe she just burns neurons instead of all that fat. I mean really, just do the math. She estimates to have given millions of psychic readings. Let's see, millions would have to be at least two million. According to wikipedia, she started giving readings in 1974. Assume she has gives readings every day for those 34 years. That's 12,410 days. To give what would qualify as millions of readings since then, she would have to give about 160 readings every 24 hours. If we allow her 8 hours per day to eat, sleep, and make her toilet, then she must be giving 10 readings per hour on average. Non-stop. For 34 years.

That's one reading every six minutes. It reminds me of the Alien Queen popping out eggs. But that's just me.

The Star Phoenix continues with their SB love affair:

"It wouldn't be terrible if everybody believed in you, but I could care less," she says of her critics. "If you're doing what you know in your heart is pure and you do what God -- you believe that's what he wants you to do -- you can't let that bother you."

And for those who say she's faking psychic talent to make money: "Well, they should read my financials and then they wouldn't say that. I told somebody the other day that you've never seen a psychic on the Forbes 500, have you?"

Oh snap! There goes all my criticisms about her. Nevermind the $89 - $139 (Canadian) (plus fees) ticket to her farewell tour, nevermind the 50+ books she's published, nevermind speaking fees - her financials will show us that she's not about money. But there is money being made, and it is going somewhere and that somewhere is probably a nice shelter to protect against the cold, harsh winds that blow during tax season.

See Stop Sylvia Browne for all the really good dirt on SB.

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