American Idiot

Last month's American Idiot was a twofer: Rick Kieffe and J.W. Horne. The American Idiot blends a strong sense of patriotism, pride, and religion that, together, leads to some remarkable stupidity. This month's American Idiot is Mike Meehan, who amply demonstrates that he can be both stupid and tasteless, not too mention a piss-poor singer/songwriter. We submit the following for your inspection:

The billboard is an advertisment for his song "Please Don't Vote For A Democrat" and yes, those are the twin trade towers burning. Apparently, the terrorists were democrats. You can check out the cheesy video on his website, but to get a sense of what you're in for, the song's refrain is "Oh no, no no no, no no no, no no no no-no no-no. No no please don't vote for a democrat."

Pure genius. At least he said "please".

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Anonymous said...

Nice. A perfect d-bag.