Freedomfest Debates

Why don't I ever hear about these things way ahead of time? Oh well, maybe I can watch from home on Pay Per View. This poster (too clever by half) is the introduction:

Besides the Hitchens/D'Souza debate, another that promises to get the Discovery Institute rocking is the Michael Shermer/Ronald Bailey tag team match against Stephen Meyer/George Gilder on "Is There Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design in Nature?"

I hear Casey Luskin will be handling the spit bucket for the ID side.

For more, checkout the Freedom Fest website. Also, Ronald Bailey has a nice writeup (well, it's mostly quoting Ars Technica) on the conservative scoundrels over at Conservapedia and their headmaster's attack on Richard Lenski. It's through his article that I found out about the 8 Great Debates in '08.

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