Microsoft Mojave - You're Soaking In It

Does your manicurist have you dip your fingers in Palmolive to soften the cuticles? Does your restaurant serve you Sanka with flavor crystals? Is that Pepsi or Coke you're drinking?

Microsoft shows it can be just as tricksy. Is that a new, incredible OS you're using or is it Vista?

Gizmodo has a good take on this "experiment". Basically, Vista is fine for the average user when everything works. But if you have an older PC that uses older drivers, then good luck figuring out what to do when things don't work.


Cleanser said...

I'd love to know how many of those people had any formal (hell, even INFORMAL) IT or computer science background. My guess is, none. If you look at the shiny features and are given a guided tour, OF COURSE it looks nice. It can takes days of using a computer for a variety of tasks (and with various software) to discover problems, and can be impossible if you're not delving into the nuts and bolts of an OS.

Regardless of how random people react to being shown a demo, even regardless of how I might like it after a few hours use, I'm still going to regard the opinion of experts with a great deal of respect. And going by that, I don't think Vista necessarily deserves a "0" rating, but it hardly deserves a "10". AND, I'm therefore going to stick with buying barebones PC's and putting either Linux or XP at no charge (thank you, spouse's academic discount) on them myself. HA.

The skepTick said...

You practically rewrote the Gizmodo article. That's almost exactly what they say. But they also have a video of a guy who actually knows computers and recognized immediately that MS was baiting him. Notice that MS doesn't include that clip in their vignettes.