Slices of Religion

America likes the slice of religion called Christianity. America's the most powerful country on earth, therefore Christianity must be the right religion. Or maybe it's now power, maybe it's population, in which case Christianity is not the right religion. Maybe the right religion is the one you were born into. Or maybe you can switch to the right religion based on your own standards of morality. Perhaps the right religion for you hasn't even been invented yet, in which case you can start it yourself (hint, if you like to kill women or marry a half-dozen of them, those religions exist already). Whatever religion you happen to decide on (assuming you're free to decide), you'll be among a community of people who share similar beliefs, values, and goals. It's like being in a club, or being a fan of a particular sports team, or participating in certain internet forums. When someone disses your club, you and your fellow club members will get uptight, angry, hopping mad. But your club has no exclusivity on touch sensitivity. It's a fact of human nature, the one club we all belong to. Getting your dander up is normal.

So, pick and choose your religion wisely. Or, better yet, you don't have to pick any at all and simply realize that we're all in this together and that there's no need to get all hot and bothered over the little things, like which slice of pie tastes the best.

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