Creation Museum Ad To Be Aired On Fox News

Shrewd move on Ken Hamster's part - start running a commercial for a summer tourist attraction with summer vacation already half over. It's kind of nice to see them wasting the big bucks. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, the famously ridiculous Creation Museum will be airing two different commercials on Fox News, starting Wednesday around 8:00 am. You can check out the spots on their website. They're a little confusing, but they do have that family friendly feel to them. Supposedly, one of them won an award or two, which is likely because they are unique albeit very retro.

I haven't visited the museum yet. I'll do it one day, but it will have to be when there's a full moon rising. I really really really want to watch Ken complete his werewolf transformation. That'll be a hoot.

(first seen at The Great Dinosaur Mystery)

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