Nicole Kidman's New Baby Girl - How Did Wagih Samweil Do?

At the beginning of 2008, Australia's "most accurate psychic" Wagih Samweil predicted

"It's to be, like she will try to hide it from the media and she will be really discreet," our psychic said.

"Nicole Kidman's going to have a girl. Definitely. There's no doubt about it. She's going to have a girl."

Against enormous odds, Samwise Samweil was correct. He also correctly predicted that Kidman would seek privacy during her pregnancy. And although he didn't explicitly say so, Wagih correctly predicted that Kidman would have the baby and not Keith Urban. In my book, that's 3 for 3.

As an aside, the Kidman/Urban baby girl is named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. Some have said the "Sunday" is a slight at Tom Cruise and Scientology. That would be cool if it was true, but it turns out to be more mundane than that. According to PEOPLE magazine,
The beautiful baby girl, who was born on July 7 in Nashville to parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, is named after early 20th-century artist's muse Sunday Reed, PEOPLE has confirmed. Her middle name, Rose, is a nod to Urban's late grandmother Rose.
Meanwhile, Wagih Samweil's prediction on the next president of the United States is in doubt. Or is it?

"Hillary Clinton. There's no doubt about it. She will be the first female president of the USA. No doubt about it? No doubt about it," Mr Samweil said.

"She'll definitely take over. Will she make a good president? She will be loved a lot."

So far, Hillary is out of the running. But I wonder if there's something to that "She'll definitely take over" quote. Hmmmm...what could Hillary be planning? I guess we'll have to revisit this prediction in January 2009.

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Anonymous said...

"She'll definitely take over"

Hillary may well still get her chance to be Prosident, even though Obama is the current incumbent-elect.

This is a telling statement - she will "take over".

Watch this space.